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Floriani Glow In The Dark Thread - Purple

300m spools of Floriani Polyester that will light up your designs! Available in 5 colors, each thread absorbs light to give off a luminescent glow when the lights go out!

For maximum glow longevity, follow the washing and care instructions below for all projects stitched/embroidered with these threads. Note that after 50 washings, a decrease of glow effect may be observed.

Washing: Cool water only with the maximum temperature at 40°C/104°F.

Drying: Machine dry at around 60°C/140°F; remember not to reach 80°C/176°F. Ironing: 110°C/230°F is fine, but AVOID STEAM.

Dry Cleaning: Yes, but ONLY with Petroleum-based or Perchloroethylene-based detergents. NO Hot Temperature (wet heat) over 80°C/176°F, like hot water or steam ironing. NO Bleaching NO Chlorine-based Detergents