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Snap Guide™ - 8x11 or 8x12 Snap Hoop Monster

Snap Guide

Snap Hoop Monster Alignment

With Snap Guide™, it’s easy to quickly align embroidery designs while advancing fabrics under the needle. This clever system works in tandem with Snap Hoop Monster and the Adhesive Centering Guides for perfectly placed designs, lettering, borders, and more with continuous embroidery and edge-to-edge projects.  Multiple hoopings are a breeze with this system!


  • Metal tabs snap to magnetic top frames
  • Transparent, flexible rulers allow clear visibility of fabric, seamlines and stitches
  • Open slot for marking fabric with temporary markers*
  • Snap Guides fit the vertical and horizontal hoop dimensions
  • New two-color Adhesive Centering Guides display easy-to-read symbols


  • Quickly align embroidery designs while advancing fabrics under the needle
  • Keep columns of edge-to-edge quilting aligned
  • Handy for continuous embroidery designs
  • Align multiple hoopings for embroidered lettering and borders
  • Ensure horizontal and vertical seams or stitches are straight in the hoop
  • Extend a lettering baseline to the next hooping


  • Two (2) Snap Guides
  • Four (4) Metal Tabs
  • Four (4) Adhesive Centering Guides 


*Temporary markers not included