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Floriani's Stitch N Wash

Floriani Stitch N Wash
This 1.5 oz tear away stabilizer is ideal for airy, open work type embroidery designs on light cottons and linen. It's unique because it is made up of half soluble and half non-soluble fibers. By wetting the design once it is complete the stabilizer is easily torn away without distorting stitches or harming the delicate fibers of heirloom quality fabrics. The design will retain the non-soluble part of the stabilizer throughout the life of the garment keeping the embroidery looking smooth. Any remnants of the stabilizer around the design will wash out in the laundry. Try the new fusible version of Stitch N Wash when doing embroidery on loosely woven versions of the fabrics mentioned above that tend to shift during the hooping and embroidery process. By fusing the Stitch N Wash on to the back of the fabric, it will aid in keeping the fabric taut. This version also eliminates the need for basting or messy spray adhesives.
Easy to r
emove from around delicate embroidery or machine stitching.
Won't sha
dow through light colored fabrics.
Eliminates countless hours of "picking" out stabilizer remnants.
Super stable and will support about 8,000 stitches if the design is well-digitized.
To use Stitch N Wash
Hoop one layer of the stabilizer within the frame with the garment or fabric. Be sure to use a piece at least one inch larger than the outer parameter of the embroidery frame.
Embroider the design. *Tip - If the design is denser than 8,000 stitches or if it is a poorly digitized design (too many stitches for designs size), float an additional layer of Floriani Stitch N Wash between the hoop and the bed of the machine for each additional 8,000 stitches for added support!
Remove the hoop from the machine and from the garment.
Wet around the edge of the design using a sponge, foam paint brush or envelope sealer. Wait about 10 seconds to allow the water to activate the water soluble portion of the stabilizer.
Tear away as much of the Stitch N Wash as possible.
Stabilizer remnants will wash out in the laundry with a mild detergent and agitation.
To use Stitch N Wash Fusible
Fuse one layer of the stabilizer on to the back of the garment. Be sure to use a piece at least one inch larger than the outer parameter of the hoop to insure proper stabilization. *Important - Use a low temp (260°, silk) setting on your iron. Do not touch the surface of your iron to the Stitch N Wash, press from the fabric side or use a press cloth (muslin or cotton).
Hoop the garment and stabilizer. Try to achieve "tight as a drum" tension.
Repeat steps 2 - 6 from above.