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Here at Creekside - it's always about you!

We are "sew" pleased to bring you our 6 pack program!  Stop in the shop and fill our your "pink" loyalty card.  Your loyalty card will have six hearts.  Each time you shop, your purchase amount will be entered in one of the 6 hearts.  At the end of 6 visits you will have a reward of 10% of the total amount you spent in store credit.  For example Spend $600.00 over six visits and get $60.00 in store credit!!! We take care of the cards and the credits!  To add a touch of excitement - we will randomly have double dollar days and double hearts day!  Those will be announced in an email. Detailed information and other perks are outlined in a brochure - make sure you pick yours up today!

We will always go out of our way to offer you exceptional customer service, Baby Lock Sewing Machines, and product variety you just can’t find anywhere else, with a willingness to accommodate your special orders!.

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